Bishop Enterprises has been delivering value added services related to information technology since 1984.  We find that blending Training, Consulting, and supporting Professional Services provides the greatest value to our customers.

About Us

Bishop Enterprises began as a specialized sales and customer service consulting practice in 1984.   Patsy G. Bishop, the founder, incorporated the business in Delaware in 1987 and expanded to provide a  full range of  Management Consulting.  She continues her expansion of the business.  Our client base includes state and local governments, as well as, commercial businesses in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Our clients include IBM, AT&T, Xerox, Novartis, AXA, Methodist Hospitals of Indiana, The West Virginia Center for Arts and Science, and the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra.

Bishop Enterprises uses a self-managed team organizational structure.  We work together as a team to achieve goals and complete deliverables. We find we can accomplish much more with our combined energy than we can individually.  

Bishop Enterprises is a principle centered consultancy.  Each of our 24 Associates is required to sign a personal statement of support for our Corporate Principles.  We have found that we can be very energetic and flexible with our clients by having the firm foundation our principles give us.  Our Corporate Principles are:


We believe that being honest, by honoring commitments and speaking the truth as we believe it to be, and accepting others as honest is the foundation for our relationships


We believe that providing as much information as possible, related to the task at hand, builds trust and lets us consider additional potential solutions


We recognize the value of time and will be prepared for every meeting by at least having clearly stated objectives for the meeting and an agenda


We will take actions to implement our solutions


We will use recognized, proven techniques to accomplish our objectives, unless we agree to attempt an unproven approach in a limited way


We will explore new alternatives to exploit our skills and create innovative solutions 


We believe that working together provides more opportunities for everyone


We will take pleasure in working together, understanding that laughter is an important part of our relationship.