IT Professional Services are:
  • Provided at a firm, fixed price for well developed requirements
  • Offered at a capitated hourly rate for experimental projects

IT Professional Services Offered
Project Management Skills Modeling Skills Programming Skills
  • Project planning

  • Project monitoring

  • Project remediation and correction

  • Project conversion planning

  • Site surveys and remediation

  • Conversion to open source software

  • Ex post evaluation of project results

  • Structured System Analysis and Design

  • Information Engineering

  • OO Application Development

  • Use/Test Case Development

  • Process modeling and decision trees

  • Data modeling and normalization

  • Rapid Iterative Prototyping (RIP)

  • Open Source Programming (PHP, MySQL)

  • SQL on all major products

  • .NET

  • ASP and ASPX

  • Java/Java script

  • HTML

  • XML

  • Most legacy platforms

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